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The reefs surrounding St. Eustatius are flourishing in a protected marine park. Under water you will experience what much of the Caribbean must have looked like many years ago. Most of the 36 official dive sites are located in the two reserves which cover a large part of the northern and southwestern waters. The eye-catching volcano “the Quill” dominates the island with its impressive crater and is responsible for the huge amount of lava flows and blocks under the surface. These old labyrinths of lava are now fully overgrown with coral and sponges. Combine these reefs with a number of historical dive sites and more recently sunk wrecks and you’ve got yourself a divers paradise!

Diving is fun -that’s what we stand for- but only when it’s done safe. We don’t take any shortcuts when safety is involved. We understand you’re on a holiday and we will do everything to make it unforgettable. We go out for a two-tank dive in the morning but we also run a third dive in the afternoon. We dive in small groups and before every dive we give you a detailed briefing about the dive site and plan. All the dives we make are guided dives (marine park rule), but we try not to restrict your feeling of freedom. Custom-diving Scubaqua style means we give the experienced diver the dives they want but we also give the unexperienced diver the extra attention they need. Dives are “limited” only by the no decompression limits, often exceeding 70 minutes. For those who are nitrox certified we offer nitrox for free.

Openings hours: every day 7.30-18.00

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