Plastic pollution

The Caribbean is one of the world’s greatest plastic polluters — of the 30 countries that produce the most plastic pollution per capita, 10 are from the Caribbean region. (source:
Reducing plastic waste can help improve a country’s environment and economy. Less plastic pollution can help reduce flooding from clogged waterways, lower the risk of mosquito-born diseases and food chain contamination. Unsightly litter also lessens.
The most important reason to ban single-use plastics and styrofoam is that ocean plastic is becoming more and more of a problem. It negatively impacts marine life, underwater ecosystems, the climate, and more — so reducing single-use plastic could make a significant difference on ocean pollution.

Single-use plastic ban

Many Caribbean islands already implemented a single-use plastic ban over the last several years.
As of April 1st this year, St. Eustatius, together with Bonaire and Saba, joins this important trend.
The main goal for implementing the ban is to reduce the amount of waste generated on the island and to create a cleaner environment for inhabitants and visitors. (source:
The public entity has agreed to adapt a phase-out approach to the products now used, which ends in two to six months, depending on the product. This gives businesses the chance to use up their existing stock of single-use plastic products. To facilitate the process, the public entity St. Eustatius will assist in finding alternative materials to those currently in use.
This ban is a great step towards a cleaner and greener, more attractive Statia. Just what our beautiful island, surrounding seas and wildlife deserve!

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