In recent months, our island has not seen many tourists. Hardly any at all to be more precise. Besides a few brave souls traveling around on sailboats, dealing with all the restrictions they are bound to run into on the way. For us island people it comes as a bit of a shock every time we see those few tourists. After all this time we are not really used to seeing “strangers” anymore, but all the happier we are to make sure they have a wonderful stay here.
Here is a nice video in which Statia is featured, which was recently posted on YouTube by some of these sailors:

Last week was exceptional, with a group of twenty tourists that were here for a week long of scuba diving!
Dive shop Scubaqua had arranged for dive group Scuba Nashville to be able to stay at the Old Gin House and dive every day, under strict COVID protocol, approved by the government.
A great week for guests and staff!

Are you and your dive friends ready to go on a trip too and catch up on all the dives you have had to miss in the past year? Come over! For groups special arrangements can be made so that you can stay at the hotel and dive every day within the quarantine period.
Would you like to visit St. Eustatius as a tourist, without doing so in a group? It is possible under strict protocol and might need a twelve day quarantine period, but it will be worth it!
Please check for more information and feel free to contact us for assistance.

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